The Art of Recycling Fabric
One-of-a-Kind Quilts
that comfort Children with
Life-Threatening Illnesses

Sewing since 2006

Featured on WGN, 'Chicago's Very Own"

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Richard J. Daley Civic Center - Chicago

"Many people who viewed the exhibit walked away with a better appreciation
for a very simple craft that has the power to transform
the well being of individuals, especially the children"

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In April 2012, SEWonderful received the "MITY NICE AWARD",
(an award given by the Mity Nice Restaurant in Water Tower Place, Chicago)
saluting Chicagoans who are making a difference in the community.

Chicago Native and Interior Designer, Francine Spacek has two passions: Children & Fabric. She combined both and founded SEWonderful, a non-profit organization, in 2006.

SEWonderful Quilts recycles designer fabric into one-of-a-kind quilts which are gifted free of charge to children (Infant-21yrs) suffering with life-threatening illnesses, as well as children who have been sexually abused.

After studying art and design in Florence, Italy, Francine returned to Chicago and opened her design firm in 1986, giving her limitless access to showrooms, workrooms and fabric. She began SWQ by gathering discontinued fabric, creating quilt kits and distributing the quilt kits to volunteers and quilters.

Once completed, the crib-sized quilts are returned to Francine for her to distribute. SWQ’s has currently gifted over 2600 quilts to hospitals, hospices and sexual abuse centers such as; Children’s Memorial, Rush Children’s, Luthern General & St. Jude’s Cancer Center.

Spacek believes that SWQ may have been green before the concept became popular, keeping tons of discontinued fabric out of our landfills, and “turning trash into treasures”, but the real reward is in knowing that these “gifts of kindness help reduce the anxiety surrounding healthcare experiences for children and their families”.

“Children are diagnosed on a DAILY basis”, so if you would like to make a quilt or know a child who is eligible to receive a SEWonderful quilt, contact Francine to get involved. We think that would be MITY NICE of you!


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SEWonderful Quilts is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization